Based on an original design from 1991 but never produced, this DoDo model is a tribute to one of Danny’s favorite skaters and a serious blast from the past. Available in two sizes OG 1991 and 8.75 popsicle. This is the first in a serious of “Never Issued” boards under our reissue program. Here’s how Danny described this design and its history;

“In 1991 I rode for blind skateboards and was presented this graphic from the legendary artist Marc McKee and Steve Rocco who thought this would be a funny play off Tony Hawk ‘s iconic board graphic and the media rivalry that somehow transpired between Tony and I back then. This situation really started to bum me out and the last thing I wanted to do was to fuel any negativity between us. This also was the time period where I was still trying to find my place within the realm of professional skateboarding hoping to earn respect from the guys I looked up to. This graphic was supposed to be humorous but I opted out of using it for the fear of sending the wrong message so Jason Lee decided to adopt the artwork and made it his Blind Skate pro model instead of me.

This is the original artwork that I chose not to use but this graphic surfaced recently and I thought this would be a cool story to tell 30 years later and make this my tribute to the bird man. I was really lucky to grow up learning how to skate at Del Mar Skate Ranch and it was also such a blessing to get to watch Tony skate first hand as he always dominated every session and was constantly pushing the progression of skateboarding innovation. Watching Tony had a huge impact on my mentality and my approach to skateboarding 100%. I was also one of the many who bought and rode Tony’s boards growing up and who also had to have his signature hair cut too. It’s truly amazing what you have accomplished Tony, thank you for all the people you have inspired and everything you have done for skateboarding.”